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Ductless Installation Specialist in New Orleans, LA

Air conditioners have become an essential appliance in every home because everybody depends on their AC for respite and comfort from the scorching heat. Before choosing your air conditioner, you must see which best suits your house.

1. The Two Types of AC Systems Are


Ducted AC systems provide cool air through ducts throughout the house. The ducts are installed inside the walls, so the house’s appearance is maintained. The ducts can be flexible or rigid. Ducted air conditioners usually have high installation costs.

It is suggested to choose a ducted AC system only if your house already has ductwork. A ducted approach is better at controlling the humidity of the house. With ducted air conditioning units, you get control over the temperature of the whole house.

Ductless Mini-Split AC

Ductless mini-split air conditioners do not include ducts. Instead, ductless units blow air directly into the living space, making them highly efficient. Ductless AC units have two main components: indoor and outdoor units.

Ducted air conditioners leave less footprint in the house as it doesn’t have any ducts. It is highly suitable for places with no duct space or apartments. In addition, a ductless AC system gives you the freedom to have multiple temperature zones.

2. When Should You Opt For a Ductless Mini-Split AC?

You should start looking for a ductless installation specialist in New Orleans only when:

  • You live in compact spaces and don’t have any space for ducts.
  • Your family members prefer setting their rooms on their desired room temperatures instead of setting the thermostat to a specific temperature for the whole house.
  • You have a family member suffering from any respiratory issue. As there are no ducts in the ductless AC unit, dust and dirt don’t get settled, which reduces the risk of respiratory issues.

3. What is Involved During a Ductless Mini-Split AC System Installation?

When you plan on installing your ductless mini-split air conditioning unit, you need to call a trained professional to install the system for you. Trying to do it yourself might only make it worse and cause malfunctions in the AC. The ductless AC system includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

You need a technician to link these two units with a power cable, condensate drain, refrigerant tubing, and suction tubing. The indoor unit should be installed inside the exterior walls and away from any fluorescent lights as they may interfere with the remote operation.

You should place it at a certain height and center for good airflow. The outdoor unit must be installed on an elevated deck or a pad near the ground level. You must ensure it’s away from trees so the dry leaves don’t fall around the unit. You can surround the outdoor unit with mesh to prevent it from dog bites and dry leaves or any other obstruction. Once installed, you can enjoy your ductless AC system.

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