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Top 5 Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Failure

Nobody wants to face the problem of AC failure in the summer. As a homeowner, it’s important to know why your air conditioner system may be facing a problem when considering an AC repair service in New Orleans, LA.

Top Five Causes Why The AC Fails

The air conditioner fails in many ways – it can stop blowing cold air or shut down altogether. This can happen when one or multiple system parts break down due to constant usage. Our HVAC professionals talk about the top five causes of AC failure, and these are as follows:

  • The Problem Of Dirt In The System: Dirt and debris are one of the main reasons that an AC system fails abruptly. This can be caused by dirty air filters. Since the AC runs almost 24/7 during summer, dirt, debris, hair, or pollen become clogged with filters. As a result, the usual AC operation gets disturbed. Dirty air ducts can also prevent air flow and make the system work harder.

  • The Problem Of Low Refrigerant: We get cold air in our rooms because of the refrigerant. When you start getting cold air or no air, there might be a problem with the refrigerant. It may be either leaking or running low. You should not approach the problem without an expert’s supervision, as this may require a professional AC tune-up service in Kenner, LA, to solve this problem.

  • The Problem With Frozen Evaporator Coils: The evaporator coils remain filled with refrigerant for the absorption of your indoor heat. These coils require warm air to operate adequately. If the airflow gets restricted and the coils don’t have enough warm air, a layer of ice starts forming outside. You should contact our HVAC professional to solve this matter.

  • The Problem Of The Fans: An AC system has two fans – an indoor or evaporator fan and an outdoor or condenser fan. While the former is responsible for distributing cool air across your home, the latter helps dissipate the warm outside. If these fans face the problem of faulty motors or lack of lubrication, or worn belts, the air conditioning system fails.

  • The Problem Of Fewer Or No Tune-Ups: Our HVAC professionals always advise homeowners to opt for mandatory AC tune-up service in Kenner, LA, on time. When your AC goes through a comprehensive tune-up service, you can rest assured your system will run flawlessly, as our technicians eliminate all the issues through deep inspection and an immediate repair process. If you ignore such an essential AC service, your system may eventually fail.

The Bottom Line

When you notice any problem with your system, don’t delay calling our reliable AC repair service in New Orleans, LA. On-time repair service can prolong your air conditioner’s life and make it energy efficient.

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