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Air Conditioning Repair Services in Metairie, LA

Having a proper cooling flow during summer is not a bonus anymore; it has become a necessity today. There is a flood of service providers in the market to fulfill this necessity. Yet, your ability to select the right one is the deciding factor for the cool air you will receive this summer. The task doesn’t end in choosing the right stuff for the summer. Instead, it continues along with the equipment. Your air conditioner might be looking well enough to withstand this summer. But, it is advised to give it a professional visit to evaluate if it requires an AC repair in Metairie.

How To Identify If Your Air Conditioner Needs A Repair?

Any electric appliance needing a repair loses its adequate functioning capacity for what it has been manufactured. Here are some of the symptoms your air conditioner needs repair by Climate Tamers:

  • Unusual sound
  • Unusual smell
  • Reduced efficiency
  • High electric bills
  • Cold spots
  • Warm air
  • Leaking water

Whom Do We Serve?

  • Residential

One of our AC repair professionals will provide a formal proposal for repair services. Repairing air conditioning units is a specialty of Climate Tamers‘ trained HVAC specialists. In the heat, it’s vital to get any problems with an air conditioning system fixed as soon as possible.

  • Light commercial

Your business should not be burdened with high bills. Our facilities are leading in excellence and affordable in price. We have over 15 years of experience in providing budget-friendly and trustworthy services.

  • Commercial

Commercial HVAC systems are subjected to more stress and wear out more quickly than residential units. Climate Tamers‘ trained expert must instruct you on adequately maintaining it. Because these systems are likely to remain on rooftops and used all day, they are more vulnerable to physical abuse.

  • New construction

During the construction of a building, we take all the proper care related to the temperature-regulating issues. Our specialists are manufacturer trained, arrive on time, and prepare to address any problem. We’ll work swiftly and efficiently to bring comfort back into your home. While some repairs are simple, it’s best to leave the job to a professional if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Our Service Areas

If you’re having trouble with your air conditioner, call the competent and courteous technicians at Climate Tamers right now! Repairing, tuning up, installing, and maintaining all types of HVAC systems for residential and commercial areas is something we’ve done for years. Apart from AC repair in Metairie, we provide our services in the following cities in Louisiana:

  • New Orleans, LA
  • Metairie, LA
  • Kenner, LA

Why Choose Us?

All the equipment employed in the servicing is selected from the leading brands only. Our technicians are enriched with specialized knowledge in the concerned field to work on different systems while valuing your time. Regular training and sessions are conducted to keep them updated with the advancements in the area. Our entire organization is promised to pave a simple, affordable, and good professional experience for the community.

We, at Climate Tamers, are here to tame the climate according to your demands. Please call us (504) 919-0822 on the contact given on the website, or drop us a mail to schedule an appointment today.