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Reliable AC Service & Tune-up in Kenner, LA

If you live in Louisiana, you know how hot summers can get. Therefore, a well-functioning AC unit is essential in every summer house. However, bearing the heat can get very uncomfortable if your AC system breaks down. That’s why a regular AC service and tune-up are necessary for the system’s efficiency.

When you schedule an AC service in Kenner, the technicians inspect, clean, and lubricate your AC unit. Many homeowners may not consider getting an AC tune-up service. But many components in the AC system can wear out with time and need regular maintenance to work smoothly.

There are several benefits of servicing and tuning up your AC periodically. First, it increases the efficiency and longevity of the AC unit. It also helps prevent high electric bills, which you might be paying otherwise.

What Are The Benefits of AC Tune-Ups?

Better Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioner will work best when it’s in good condition. Frequent wear and tear may result in reduced efficiency of the AC unit. No one likes it when their air conditioner stops working in the middle of a hot summer day. If you regularly schedule AC tune-ups and AC service in Kenner, you can be confident about your AC unit working at its peak efficiency all summer.

Jumpstart Your AC Unit Before The Summer

Many people might not use their AC during winters, which can cause malfunctions in the AC’s components. Over time, the ducts can get clogged or damaged, resulting in poor airflow and leakage. Our AC experts suggest getting a tune-up service before summer starts so that your AC runs smoothly during the summer and you don’t have to deal with premature breakdowns.

It Prevents Respiratory Diseases And Allergies.

A regularly tuned-up AC removes all the dust particles from the air during circulation. As a result, dirt and dust can build up inside the ducts and clog their ducts. It can cause mold growth and also respiratory issues in your family. The AC tune-ups clean your ducts and change your air filters to reduce the number of airborne particles and allergies inside the home.

When Do You Need A Tune-Up Service?

Sometimes problems with your AC that seem minor at the time, like a low rattling sound, an unpleasant smell, or leakage around your AC, tend to go overlooked. These problems can become bigger, which may cause a hassle later.

Regular tune-up services are essential for an AC unit to prevent this. If your AC unit is older than ten years, you may require tune-ups more than once a year. Every AC system has a lifespan. Using the same AC unit beyond its lifespan can cause malfunctions.

When you trust Climate Tamers, you can be rest assured of our work ethic and service. Along with AC tune-up service, we also provide our clients with AC replacement and repair services. Our trained technicians are ready to assist you 24/7. If you’re looking for an AC service in Kenner, call us to schedule an appointment with our skilled technicians for all your HVAC units.