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The Complete Manual For Replacing Air Conditioners

When your air conditioner starts giving you frequent troubles even after having it regularly maintained, the question of replacing it arises. Below is some key information that can help inform your decision about AC replacement.

Steps To Know About Replacing Your AC

Information Regarding AC During The Home estimate

The estimator is in charge of inspecting the current air conditioning system during your initial in-home visit.

The Arrival Of The Installation Crew

Many reputable HVAC companies will also give advanced profiles and images of the installation personnel working at your house. It adds another layer of security and comfort before a stranger enters your home.

Removing Your Existing AC

You must remove your current air conditioner before installing a new one since it contains a refrigerant. According to experts performing AC service in Kenner, it is prohibited to vent this refrigerant into the atmosphere as per EPA regulations directly.

Preparing The Area

Before installing the new air conditioner, the old air conditioner position will typically need some preparation work. The pad of the new air conditioner will be replaced as part of this preparation.

Installation Of The New Refrigerant Lines

The new refrigerant line set consists of two separate copper lines and is installed using new copper refrigerant lines.

Setting The Condenser

The pad has been set and leveled to date, and the electrical disconnect and refrigeration lines are prepared to be plugged into the new AC condenser.

Installation Of The Filter Dryer

Filter driers are an essential part of the refrigerant system. They have two primary purposes. According to experts of AC service in Kenner, the ability of a filter dryer to absorb moisture is its primary function. Providing physical filtering is the second function.

Installation Of The New Wiring

The high- and low-voltage wiring must be reconnected for the air conditioning system to function correctly. The technician for the air conditioning service in New Orleans will mount a new service disconnect box using the existing electrical panel power inside the house.

Condensate Drain Line Installation

A PVC pipe is used to transport the moisture that is evacuated from the house during cooling. It needs to be linked to the evaporator coil’s primary side.

Startup Commissioning Process

The starting and commissioning phase is completed after the system has been fully installed and prepared for use. Experts of air conditioning repair in Metairie suggest that the system must operate for 15 to 20 minutes after being turned on.

Cleanup And Closing Procedures

The cleanup procedure is reasonably straightforward. Loading up and removing all materials and outdated equipment from the house is advisable. Rolling up the floor protection last, will keep all installation-related debris inside the drop cloth and out of your house.

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