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Why Your Furnace Keeps Blowing a Fuse: 6 Quick Fixes

A functional heating system is essential for a comfortable, energy-efficient household. Still, if your furnace or heat pump continues to blow a fuse, the interior space will likely experience uneven, unpleasant temperatures, which might result in a need for repair or a heater replacement in New Orleans, depending on where you live.

6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Blowing A Fuse And How You Can Fix It

Here are a few reasons why your furnace keeps blowing a fuse and what you can do about it:

  • Overload of Voltage: Overvoltage is a common cause of blown fuses. It happens when the voltage exceeds a device’s or circuit’s normal operating limit.

    Avoid plugging too many devices – Avoid overloading extension cords with too many devices at once to avoid electrical overload. Avoid overloading extension cords with too many devices at once. Even when turned off, some devices and appliances continue to consume power.

  • Excessive Dirt Leading To Clogged Filters: A clogged air filter prevents proper air circulation in and around the unit. The air conditioner will have to work harder to pull room-temperature air through its vents and push cool air back into the room. This causes the air conditioner to use more power, resulting in a blown fuse.

    Clean the air filter regularly – Clean air filters every two weeks by rinsing them with soap and water and removing the grime with a soft brush.

  • Low Airflow: Reduced airflow in a heat pump system can cause various electrical problems, including blown fuses. Over voltages can also occur, causing the fuse to blow.

    Low airflow can also be caused by dirty filters, so change the filtration system on a routine basis.

  • Faulty Condenser Fan: A condenser fan circulates air over the condenser coils to cool the room efficiently, and a condenser fan circulates air over the condenser coils. When this component fails, the cooling system cannot deliver cold air into the room.

    Get it checked by a professional HVAC expert – The experts here at Climate Tamers can help you with heater repair in New Orleans, LA, in no time!

  • Water Leaks: It’s not uncommon for a furnace to develop a water leak. This can be produced by a humidifier unit that is attached or nearby. Water leaks and moisture can seriously harm your system if not addressed promptly.

    Water leaks can cause extensive damage to your unit if not addressed immediately. Hiring a heating professional to handle any leakages will help you avoid further and more expensive damage to the heating systems.

  • Damaged Electric Outlets: Any faulty wiring or linked parts risk causing a power fault (surge) that trips a circuit (or blows a fuse). So, once again, the issue isn’t that the circuit breaker (or fuse) failed to function properly, but that the equipment was faulty.

    Repair the faulty outlet, then have an electrical inspection performed on your home to recognize any other faulty or damaged outlets or potential problems.


These are a few reasons causing your furnace to blow a fuse. If you are facing these issues you can contact Climate Tamers for the best services in heating repair in New Orleans, LA. Contact us at (504) 919-0822 now!