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Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air Instead Of Heat?

Numerous issues could cause your heater to produce cold air. In most circumstances, it is best to have a professional examine the issue and guide you with heating services in New Orleans, LA.

Reasons Why The Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air:

  • Possibility of Clogged Filters

When air filters are clogged with debris and dust, air cannot move efficiently through the furnace and into the home’s ducting. The furnace could also overheat, resulting in the shutdown of the automatic heating cycle. It will cause cold air to be expelled from your vents.

If the filter in your furnace is dirty, replace it with a new filter. Let the furnace cool down and reset itself, and then try increasing the thermostat’s heat setting again. Before you hire furnace service in Kenner, LA, check if warm air is coming out of the home’s vents simultaneously.

  • The Thermostat’s Temperature Setting is Incorrect

If the furnace blows cold air through the air vents, you may have forgotten to adjust the thermostat before storing your air conditioner for the winter.

It would help if you verified that the thermostat is in auto mode and not on. In the on position, your furnace’s fan will continue to run even when the heating element is switched off. When auto mode is selected, the heater and the fan will turn on simultaneously.

  • No Pilot Lamp Can Be Seen

Check the status of the pilot light on your furnace. This blue-colored light is required to heat the system. Without this light, the furnace can’t heat up effectively. To resolve the issue with the pilot light, you will need to use a lighter to revive the flame.
Even though you can handle this independently, you should probably hire a professional for heating services in New Orleans, LA. After the pilot light has been ignited, the heating system should be ready to provide warm air.

  • The Furnace Has Not Adequately Warmed Up or is Dripping Water

Wait at least five minutes if the furnace instantly begins to blow cold air after being turned on. Heaters require some time to warm up because they must first let the cold air from the vents out, before releasing hot air into the room.

Due to duct leaks, a heater may occasionally emit frigid air. Leaks in the ducts let the heat escape, so the heated air is not as warm as it should be when it reaches your living room.

  • Water Pooling Around The Entire Unit

High-efficiency furnaces produce condensation, which normally drains out of the system through the condensate drain line. If the line becomes clogged, the system’s overflow will shut off the unit to prevent water damage. The stagnant water surrounding the furnace indicates that the condensate line is obstructed.

Clear the condensate drain of any blockages. Find the condensate drain pan before turning off the unit’s power at the circuit breaker. Use a vacuum, remove the water from the pan, and then reinstall the pan.

Contact a professional from Climate Tamers to inspect your HVAC system to maintain its optimal condition and prevent unplanned breakdowns. We provide the best furnace services in Kenner, LA.