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Why Does Your AC Keep Blowing Fuses & Tripping Circuits?

An air conditioner has numerous parts that should work efficiently for a comfortable indoor stay. The components outside the air conditioner work to enhance your comfort and ensure your air conditioner works properly. Some of these parts are the thermostat, the dehumidifier, and the air quality enhancers. Another part that contributes to the working of your cooling system is its circuit breakers and fuses.

Air conditioner owners should contact Climate Tamers, with reliable technicians who provide AC installation services in Metairie to maintain their systems.

Common Reasons For Tripping Circuit Breakers And Blown Fuses

The circuit breaker and fuse supply electricity to your air conditioner to ensure it works properly for continuous hours. If the system does not receive electricity, it cannot work, irrespective of its efficient and high-performing components.

If your air conditioner has frequently blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers, this guide will help you understand the methods to avoid them:

  • A Sudden Increase In The Main Power Supply: The main powerhouse of your area supplies electricity to your home, and the circuit breakers and fuses transfer electricity to your appliances after balancing the voltage. However, if the main powerhouse sends a large quantity of electricity unexpectedly, the fuses and circuit breakers may not be able to handle it and may trip or blow.

  • Dirty Air Filters: You may know that the air filters ensure your system does not have to work hard to push air inside and outside the cooling system. Clean air filters provide a smooth airflow path, but clogged air filters hinder the process.
    The hindrance can force the system to work harder, leading to more energy consumption and a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. If you do not replace your air filters regularly, your system may break down, and you may have to contact our technician for AC installation services in Metairie.

  • Wiring Problems: Hundreds of wires in your air conditioner can lead to several problems if they do not receive annual maintenance timely. Similarly, wiring problems can increase or decrease the electricity consumption in your system, leading to a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.

  • Malfunctioning Coils Or Refrigerant Leakages: The two significant parts of your air conditioner that help in efficient cooling are the evaporator coils and the refrigerant flowing in them. If the coils have leakages or the refrigerant level is inadequate, your cooling system will have to work for long periods to generate enough cool air.
    This excessive working will eventually increase its electricity consumption, and the fuse may blow, or the circuit breaker may trip. Contact our technician for air conditioner replacement services in Metairie to refill the refrigerant and seal the leaks.


Now that you understand the reasons for air conditioner malfunctions, contact the experts at Climate Tamers to provide you with the best furnace and air conditioner replacement services in Metairie. Allow the team of Climate Tamers to work with you to provide the best solutions. Our tools and knowledge help us provide high-quality services at affordable prices.

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