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Why Does My AC Shut Off After a Period of About Fifteen Minutes?

The hot weather makes it more likely that air conditioning systems will malfunction earlier than usual. Unless there is a problem, an air conditioner is not supposed to turn off itself after 10-15 minutes. Short cycling is frequently the routine of shutting down or automatically turning off an air conditioning system. Don’t wait until it’s too late; hire the correct AC installation in Metairie for the best maintenance plan.

1. Short Cycling Is Undoubtedly Harmful To Your System For Several Reasons, Including:

  • Because you are wasting energy and raising your energy costs, you are also losing money.

  • You can’t get the right temperature and require frequent AC repair in Metairie.

  • Your device is broken or flawed in some way.

  • Before it destroys the entire air conditioning system, short cycling needs to be identified and fixed as soon as possible.

2. Causes Of Your AC's Frequent Shutdowns

• The Thermostat Is Placed Improperly

Your thermostat may be tricking your HVAC system into turning off early if it is placed close to a supply vent, a window, or an exterior door. You can have your thermostat moved to a more advantageous location in your house by calling an air conditioning repair in Kenner technician.

• The Air Filter Is Overly Soiled

Depending on the conditions inside your home, air filters should be changed every one to two months. The evaporator coils may freeze over if your filter gets too dirty, which will reduce airflow and cause the unit to turn off early. Contact an HVAC technician if changing your air filter doesn’t solve the problem.

• Faulty Components

If short cycling isn’t the problem, one or more components of your air conditioner are probably malfunctioning. Failure of specific components can result in various issues, including noise production and improper home cooling. You need to get professional help for air conditioning repair in Kenner.

• Compressor Malfunction

Refrigerant is compressed and sent to the condenser by your air conditioner’s compressor. It’s a vital component of your HVAC system, and as a result, it goes through a lot of wear and tear. The compressor isn’t operating correctly if you can only feel lukewarm air from your fan.

• Leaking Refrigerant

Leaks of refrigerant pose a particular risk to you and your loved ones. An AC technician should be contacted immediately if you believe there is a leak. Only a qualified professional should handle refrigerants like Freon because they can harm humans.

• Oversized Air Conditioner

Oversized air conditioners quickly cool your house and also turn off quickly. This is frequently followed by higher energy costs, more humidity, different hot and cold spots in your home and frequent AC repair in Metairie. To determine whether your HVAC unit is too large, a technician can run a test.

• AC Capacitor Failure

A tiny, cylinder-shaped object called an AC capacitor transfers energy to the motor. Your HVAC system won’t usually run if your capacitor is degrading or has broken. Check your condenser unit outside to see if the fan is operating. The capacitor is damaged if it is not moving and you hear a humming sound. To replace the component, make a service call.


Short-cycling should be addressed by cutting off the AC’s power at the circuit breaker panel and calling our technicians for assistance. For all of your HVAC needs, contact Climate Tamers at 504-919-0822 or drop us a mail here for AC installation in Metairie.