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Why Air Conditioners Are Placed At A Height Near Ceiling?

ACs are placed at the top of the wall near the room’s ceiling. Have you ever thought of why air conditioners are positioned at such high places? Since the air conditioning unit blows cold air, it must be put at the top of the room to create convection. This arrangement provides an efficient way to cool the space.

Placing the unit near the floor will “clog” the cold air and prevent the room from cooling effectively. Positioning the air conditioner too low can also cause insufficient cooling even though the cooling capacity is enough.

1. What Height Should HVAC Systems Be Placed?

The air conditioner system should be installed at about 2100 mm to 2400 mm. Installing the air conditioner at a lower height is not recommended since it will prevent the room from cooling sufficiently.

Also, the air conditioner should be installed above our living space. Living space depends on the average human height in the area. You can get assistance from AC repair experts in Kenner that will guide you on the installation process.

2. Effects Of Placing Air Conditioners Too Low

Numerous factors decide the location, which include:

  • The outdoor unit should be placed in an open area such as the terrace so that the air can travel freely over the compressor and condenser. If the terrace is unavailable, you can store it in the shade above the wall or hang it on an angled exterior wall.

  • The location of the outdoor unit should be such that it provides easy access to maintenance work on compressors, condensers, and other equipment. Installing and charging the gas should also be convenient.

  • There should be no obstacles near an outdoor area that prevent fan air from entering the open space. Clogging can seriously affect the performance of the air conditioner and can also lead to the burning of the sealed compressor coil. If you need any help with the replacement process, you can contact AC replacement in Kenner which will help repair or replace the damaged parts.

  • The surface on which the outdoor unit is installed must be sufficiently rigid to prevent vibration. The vibration of the outdoor unit generates excessive noise, which may cause breakage of the copper pipe or leakage of refrigerant.

  • It is recommended to keep the outdoor unit higher than the indoor unit. If the outdoor unit is kept at a lower level, part of the compressor’s capacity will be used to pump the refrigerant reducing the overall capacity of the compressor. Most outdoor units are quiet, so you don’t have to worry about noise.


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