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What’s Included In An AC Tune-Up Checklist?

Your HVAC system needs to be tuned up to work at its best. To ensure that the air you breathe is free of pollutants, you must maintain your heating and air conditioning systems. Tuning up your heating and cooling system is something that many people don’t think about until something goes wrong with it.

You can do a few things on your own, without the help of AC installation in Metairie, to ensure that your AC unit runs efficiently all summer long. With the help of this AC maintenance checklist, you can perform most of the necessary home maintenance tasks yourself.

Complete AC Tune-Up Checklist

This AC maintenance checklist will guide you through the most important maintenance phases on your own AC unit.


Your AC also needs a thermostat. Without a working thermostat, you can’t control a working system. Air conditioning repair in Kenner ensures it’s calibrated to your wall thermostat.

Outdoor Unit

You might impede airflow if leaves, plants, and other debris are left behind. At least 3 feet of clear space around your air conditioner is suggested for optimal ventilation.


Filters remove dust, grime, and other pollutants from your home’s air. They collect dust and grime and must be replaced. The more you use your AC, the sooner you’ll need to replace the air filters.


AC Unit tune-up includes cleaning and examining the indoor coil. Dirt and dust that bypass the filter will accumulate on the coil, reducing system efficiency. Not replacing filters can cause this.


Too much refrigerant can damage your HVAC system’s moving parts, including the compressor and condenser. You must keep an eye on things like this.

Electrical Connections

Ensure your electrical wiring is connected to the necessary system components for home comfort and safety. Loose connections can cause electrical fires, and corrosion can cause HVAC system holes and wiring concerns.

What Are The Different Perks of a Routine Tune-Up?

Prevents Repairs

During an air conditioner tune-up, a certified HVAC technician does a thorough check. It reveals the indicators of distress that may be present.


An AC tune-up boosts efficiency. Efficiency makes your house more comfortable and reduces system repairs and replacements.

Low Bills

Energy bills drop with higher efficiency. AC maintenance may lower your energy expenditures. It is because your air conditioner isn’t working too hard. HVAC experts will tune up your AC, so it cools your home and uses less energy.

Longer Life

If you take the appropriate measures to maintain your air conditioner, it will normally have a longer lifespan and experience fewer difficulties throughout its lifetime.

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