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What Kind Of Maintenance Does An AC Unit Need?

Air conditioning unit maintenance is also essential for ensuring energy efficiency and lowering electricity expenses. Clogged filters and dirty condenser coils can cause your air conditioner to use more energy to achieve the intended cooling results. That indicates the air conditioner will cost you more money in the long run in terms of energy bills and will leave a more significant carbon impact.

The efficiency of an air conditioning system is determined by how effectively it is maintained; however, AC replacement in Kenner keeps your AC unit in perfect condition. Keep reading to learn how to maintain your AC unit needs in the simple steps.

Change Or Clean The Air Filter

Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner, so replace or clean them every month throughout the cooling season for central and window units. Filters in air conditioners collect dust, fur, and other small particles, reducing the units’ overall efficiency. To keep your air filter in good condition, clean it every two weeks and change it once a month.

You should check the filter’s Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, which runs from 1 to 12 for home air conditioners. An air filter’s MERV rating indicates how well it filters and how long it lasts.

Clean The Coils

The refrigerant absorbs heat and cools the room using air conditioning coils. Dust particles clog up these coils, reducing their ability to absorb heat. In this case, the ac unit needs to work harder to maintain the room’s temperature. The coils must be cleaned regularly to avoid this condition.

Keep An Eye On The Thermostat

You should also check your thermostat regularly to ensure that it is in proper working condition and gives you optimum cooling results. Consider upgrading to programmable thermostats, which allow you to set the temperature according to your schedule. Because the thermostat adjusts to the specified temperature, you don’t want to switch it off or modify it daily. The thermostat can convince you to set your thermostat to a lower temperature by giving you a higher-than-average room temperature.

Drain Line Inspection

Your AC unit must remove excess moisture from the condenser to avoid algae growth clogging the drain line. You can do preventative maintenance by regularly flushing the pipe with a small amount of bleach. A wet or dry vacuum cleaner can usually clear the blockage if algae or fungus has clogged most of the line.

Examine The Components And Wiring

You must switch off the power to your air conditioning unit before working on it. Also, disconnect the primary switch from the external system and turn it off. Remove the access panel and examine the unit’s interior for any burnt wires, overheated, melted insulation, or other problems. After that, inspect all electrical components to ensure perfect condition.

Schedule For Professional Maintenance

It’s essential to keep your air conditioner in good condition to save money on power bills and avoid damage to the equipment. An ac unit might fail for various reasons that you may overlook. These things can be checked by AC service in new Orleans, including:

  • Electrical apparatus
  • Level of coolant
  • Level of coolant mechanical components
  • The integrity of the ductwork
  • Measure airflow
  • Airflow measurement

You can improve the operational efficiency of your air conditioner with thorough maintenance from Climate Tamers, ensuring that you and your family enjoy maximum comfort when it comes to air conditioning at home.