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What Happens If You Avoid HVAC Maintenance?

Air conditioner maintenance is essential to ensure your system works during the summer season efficiently without too many repair jobs. Keep in mind that you cannot randomly select any company for the schedule. Several fraud companies and amateurs worsen the condition of your air conditioner instead of maintaining it. Contact a professional for AC repair in Kenner to fix the problem.

A trustworthy company is what you need this summer season, a company with authentic documents and affordable rates. Allow our experts to bring out the highest efficiency levels of your system at the earliest. 

How irregular maintenance schedules can harm your air conditioner


The refrigerant in your air conditioner plays a key role in keeping your place cool enough for a comfortable stay. The coils carrying this liquid sometimes get holes or leakages, due to which the refrigerant leaks.

You can fix a minor leak yourself through some quick DIY tricks, but a major leak is an alarm for you. The initial signs of refrigerant leakage are a hissing sound and lesser working efficiency of your system.

Cloggings in the drain pipe

The refrigerant coils get water droplets on their surface during heating and cooling. The drain line collects these water droplets and transfers them outside the system into the drain pan. However, due to several reasons, the drain pipe faces cloggings.

If the cloggings stay in the drain pipe for a long time, water will start leaking out of your system, damaging its sensitive parts. Moreover, your home may face rusting problems, which require immediate professional attention.

Dirty Air Filters

If you notice that your indoor air quality is gradually decreasing, your air filters may be at fault. As you know, the air filters of your air conditioner or other HVAC appliances are responsible for maintaining adequate indoor air quality levels.

Changing or replacing your air filters can help you avoid breathing issues, eye irritations, skin rashes, and allergies. If you have breathing issues or allergies, you must take care of your indoor air quality levels.

Problems With Ducts

If your air conditioner is working fine yet your home is not cool enough, the reason may be problems with the ducts. Ducts carry the cool air from the system to all areas in your home for a constant temperature.

Foreign objects can enter your ducts and block them, and old ducts often get holes that leak cool air into the walls. In that case, you will have to contact a professional technician for air conditioning repairs in Metairie for a major repair job.


Taking proper care of your air conditioner is your first duty, but you need a reliable company to help you on the journey. You cannot tackle all problems related to your air conditioners as most of them need professional advice.

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