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What Happens If an Air Conditioner Is Not Used for 3-4 Months?

  It is often a standard issue for an appliance to cause a problem when it is left unused for an extended period of time. But, one good thing about air conditioners is that they do not cause problems, even if you don’t use them for 3-4 months. Air conditioners are designed specifically to stay robust and last longer without causing any issues.

Make sure to get a regular HVAC service from a technician, and your air conditioner will work fine after not being used for 3-4 months. Trust experts for air conditioning service in New Orleans. It is advised to take precautions when you are not using your air conditioner for a while. Here are a few tips to remember to ensure that your AC works in optimal condition.

Five Easy Steps To Follow To Prevent Any Damage To The Air Conditioner:

• Regular Cleaning of The System

Keeping your system’s parts clean plays a vital role in maintenance. All the dust that builds up inside the system and outside the unit interferes with the smooth functioning of your air conditioner. So, always get your system cleaned well, even if you do not use it for a few months.

• Do Not Compromise On The Yearly Maintenance

Allowing your air conditioner to stay durable is by regular maintenance. Do not skip the annual maintenance twice a year to check the system’s overall efficiency. It helps you understand your system’s quality better and realize whether or not it may cause any significant damage by leaving it unused.

• Check The Compressor Unit Fixed Outside

Thoroughly examine for any debris or bird’s nest blocking the way of your unit. Your unit is usually fixed in an outer area, so be sure to observe for any weeds or dirt stuck. Finding a good company offering air conditioning services in New Orleans is advisable to get your air conditioner properly serviced.

• Switch To Fan Mode Before Switching Off For Months, And After A Long Gap

It would help if you kept the fan mode on for at least an hour so the dust gets cleared before the system stays off for a few months. Also, when you restart the system after a long time, we suggest you turn on the fan mode, let the system’s thermostat sit well for 30 minutes, and let out the dirt before working to cool. The fan mode burns out the dust before switching it to the cool mode.

• Hire A Professional To Service

If you feel it is better to hire a technician for an AC repair in Metairie, do not hesitate. It is always a good idea to consider calling an expert to check out your system. They would examine your system’s parts and clean the dirt accumulated inside. It is also essential because they check for any leaks in the refrigerant and test the AC unit when you switch it on after a long time to ensure that it cools just fine.


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