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Top 5 Common Reasons That Your AC Is Always Running

Air conditioners have become a part of everyone’s life nowadays, and occasionally, this significant home appliance keeps running continuously or stops working all together. At this point, you should contact our professional AC repair service in New Orleans. The earlier you address the problem, the faster it will be resolved.

Top Five Reasons Why Your AC Keeps Running Always

The AC keeps running when it has to work harder than usual. If there is any restriction in the AC function, it tries to get past it through consistent working. If the problem remains stagnant, your air conditioning system will shut down. It would be better to know beforehand why such a condition arises.

  • Clogged Air Filters: The filters help your indoor environment stay fresh and breathable. Due to consistent operation, the filters catch debris, dirt, pollen, and hair. If you don’t pay attention to the filters often, the dirt becomes heavy and prevents the AC from operating normally. That is when the AC tries to run as much as possible to provide comfort.

  • The Problem Of Airflow: The AC system works by circulating cold air across your house and pulling the warm air from your house. That is why air circulation matters. If this air circulation hampers, the AC will keep running all the time to compensate for the loss. The air circulation gets restricted due to the following reasons:
    1. Leaky air ducts
    2. Closed or blocked vents
    3. Worn out blower motor, etc.
    Since this condition requires expert attention, you should contact our professional AC repair service in New Orleans, LA.

  • Malfunctioned Thermostat: When your AC keeps running, the thermostat may be at fault. If your AC behaves abnormally by causing a variety of cooling, the thermostat might fail to send an appropriate temperature signal to the AC system. You can inspect the thermostat and ensure the setting has not been set to the ‘Cool’ option or has an adequate battery.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coils: The evaporator coils remain filled with refrigerants and turn warm air into cold air. If an issue occurs with this coil, your AC will lose its ability to cool your house and keep running constantly. When the airflow gets restricted, the warm air can’t reach the evaporator coils that turn frozen due to this condition. When this cycle breaks, the system fails to generate cooling and keeps running unnecessarily.

  • Improper System Size: Many homeowners make the common mistake of installing an undersized or oversized AC system. When you make such a mistake, an undersized AC will keep running continuously to provide enough cooling for your comfort. As a result, your utility bill increases, and the AC parts get damaged. If this happens, contact our reliable AC service provider in New Orleans.

The Final Word

The efficiency and longevity of an AC depend on your know-how to keep the system in the best condition. An air conditioner may face different problems, but it is essential that you can call our expert AC repair service in New Orleans, LA, early on when an issue arises.

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