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Signs Your Furnace Needs Service Or Repairs

Get a preventative checkup every fall for your furnace so that it is prepared to insulate your home particularly during a demanding winter. This is an excellent approach to lower the likelihood of experiencing issues in the first place. Contact Climate Tamers for maintenance or heating installation service in Kenner, LA.

Five Signs That Your Furnace Needs Maintenance Or Repairs

  • Unusual Odors

When they are turned on for the first time in a year, furnaces smell like the fuel they consume. As the furnace operates, most smells disappear. However, if you smell fuel strongly surrounding the appliance, if the smell develops suddenly, or if it persists over time, you might have a furnace issue.

These odors can be caused by various problems, such as an internal gas leak or an excessive amount of dust. Have an HVAC expert examine the odor to ascertain its origin. You can also call a professional for heating repair in Metairie, LA.

  • Pilot Light

Keep checking the color of your pilot light. Blue is the typical color of a healthy pilot light. When your HVAC technician comes for furnace repair service in Metairie, LA, they will inspect it.

  • Start-Up Issues With The Machine

You might have more difficulty starting and maintaining a furnace as it matures. If you have to restart your furnace or the appliance several times throughout the day, you probably require a repair.

These performance problems frequently result from broken thermostats or disconnected wiring. Changing the damaged component should cure the problem.

  • Low-Quality Air

Your furnace system directly impacts the air quality in your home. A system that isn’t well-maintained could circulate hot air and foreign particles like dirt, bacteria, and other impurities throughout your house. More airborne dust may be present, and you might get frequent colds, coughs, and other respiratory illnesses.

The number of foreign particles present may also exacerbate allergies like itching, headaches, and watery eyes. Problems with the air quality caused by furnaces can occasionally be solved by simply changing the filter. In more challenging situations, the ducting and unit may require professional furnace repair service in Metairie, LA.

  • Tripped Carbon Monoxide Detector

A carbon monoxide detector is built into your furnace to warn you when dangerous chemicals are present. If the detector sounds, shut off the furnace immediately and open the windows to let fresh air in.

Consult your gas provider and an HVAC specialist to ascertain the gas source. Plan an evaluation and the required heating repair in Metairie, LA, as soon as possible.


Regular maintenance is important to ensure that your home’s heating system operates effectively, dependably, and per applicable warranty terms. Furnace repair experts must be appropriately certified and trained to assist you.

Employing a competent furnace maintenance and repair specialist from Climate Tamers will help you reduce energy costs significantly and ensure that your furnace operates all year effectively. Call us at 504-919-0822 for a budget-friendly heating installation in Kenner, LA.