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Precaution To Make When An Air Conditioner Hasn’t Been Used For Several Months

If a device or appliance hasn’t been used in a while, it will begin to malfunction. However, your air conditioner should still function when turned on after three or four months of inactivity. Make sure your cooling and heating systems are working properly for a comfortable home.

If you don’t use or maintain your HVAC equipment regularly, it may break down or develop problems. AC repair in New Orleans, LA, may be able to assist you in this situation. You’ll need to take some precautions to ensure it works properly and provides enough cooling for your home.

The Following Are Four Suggestions To Help You:

Clean Air Filters Before Use

To keep your air clean and fresh, you should change or clean your air filters every month. The air conditioner won’t work as hard to cool your home if your filters aren’t clogged with dust.

Dirty air filters will affect not only your unit’s performance but also the air quality in your home. Check your air conditioner’s filters if it has been a while since you’ve used them.

Check For Coolant Leaks

A faulty air conditioner can be a result of a refrigerant leak. If you have noticed that your air conditioner is not cooling your house as effectively as it should, call air conditioning repair in Metairie right away.

A refrigerant leak will be found and repaired if one is found inside your air conditioner. Coolant leaks can be fatal for an air conditioner.

Clean Compressor Area

Inspect the compressor area beforehand before turning on an air conditioner that has been dormant for several months. A clean compressor is important for your air conditioners’ efficiency.

Examine the compressor to determine whether or not there has been a buildup of dust and other particles. If there is, you will want to get that area thoroughly cleaned.

Starting Up On Fan Mode

The system is filled with fresh air when the air conditioner is running. Dust and other particulates can pollute the air from time to time. The AC becomes dirty as a result of the accumulation of these particles.

When the air conditioner is turned off for at least a few months, run the fan only for an hour to clear the system. It is essential to know that a proper shutdown machine will not have any issues while it is unused.

Don't Forget to Schedule a Routine Tune-Up

Your AC shouldn’t have any issues restarting if you take the proper precautions and properly shut it down. Preventative maintenance should also be completed before restarting. Even if a problem develops, one can detect it early. You might eagerly want to use your air conditioner again now that warmer weather has approached.

Allow Climate Tamers to take care of its maintenance before you turn it on to beat the heat. We have been in the HVAC business for a long time. You can rely on us for AC replacement in Kenner. To set up an appointment, call us at (504) 919-0822 or visit our website.