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How To Reset An Air Conditioner When It’s Not Working?

When your air conditioner is not working properly, experts suggest you should reset the air conditioner.

Outdated models that suddenly stop working after a power outage can also work from a reset. Resetting your air conditioner might sound deterring but here are some easy ways to follow. If you are having a problem setting it up, you can try the air conditioning service in New Orleans.

1. How To Reset an Air Conditioner

You can turn off your system using a thermostat but if it’s not working, find your breaker panel. A breaker box is a metal panel placed against the wall. It is usually painted to incorporate the house. It is found in spaces like:

  • The exterior of your home
  • Garages
  • Basement
  • Cabinets
  • Laundry room
  • Interior spaces

  • Switch it to the off position and flip the breaker that powers your air conditioner.

  • Wait for some time. You have to wait for 2 minutes before switching the breaker to the on position.

  • Find the reset button. Most air conditioners have a reset button if you have difficulty finding the reset button. Then consult your manual guide of the system to find the button.

  • After resetting your air conditioner, wait for another 30 minutes. Resetting takes some time from the air conditioner.

  • After 30 minutes are up, set the thermostat to cool mode, and the set temperature should be 5° cooler than the temperature of your room.

  • After a few minutes, you should check whether cool air is coming from the vents.

    If your air conditioner is still not working, then air conditioner installation in Metairie is the best solution. Call an expert technician if you are uncomfortable or uneasy with the steps.

What is The Need To Reset Your Air Conditioner?

There are various reasons, and the most important is when a breaker is tripped. It is mostly due to the protection breaker barging in.

There are two individual breakers, one is operating outside, and one is inside. A circuit breaker is a safety switch that acts as a detector when the air conditioner is overloaded. It prevents explosions and fires.

After a power cut, when the power comes back, the sudden jump in the air conditioner unit can overload it; that is when a breaker helps. A reset in the air conditioner can also help when it is blowing hot air through its thermostat when it is in cool mode.

There can be a general thermostat error, and a reset can solve all those difficulties. If you are facing problems, you can contact an HVAC technician for an air conditioning service in New Orleans.


A reset in your air conditioner works wonders. Climate Tamers can help you find the perfect solution for your air conditioner and provide air conditioner installation in Metairie. Contact us today!