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How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

The primary function of an HVAC unit is to control and maintain the temperature of the air circulating inside your house. Monitoring and maintaining every one of your HVAC units is vital. They operate throughout the day and night; consequently, they are more susceptible to damage due to negligence.

The filter in your furnace is a particularly delicate component of the system. When left unchecked, it could cause more harm than good. It could result in significant health risks and require heating replacement sooner than expected.

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Why Should You Replace Your Air Filter?

To protect yourself and your family members, decide to replace your filters regularly. Even if your furnace appears to be running perfectly and you have yet to notice any significant difference in the heating system, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t require replacement.

It depends on many variables:

  • Filter Type

Different types of filters require different methods of treatment. It is advised to change standard 1-inch filters at least every month. The exact frequency is optional for 4-5 inch media filters. The most recommended frequency is between three and six months.

  • Pollution

There is a distinct variation in air pollution levels in various areas. If you are close to construction sites, the highway, or urban areas, change your air filter every 30-60 days. If you require assistance, contact Climate Tamers for superior furnace services in Kenner, LA.

  • Pets

You must ensure that your furnace is well-maintained especially if you have pets. Certain breeds of dogs require a specific temperature. If you own at least two animals, each of them sheds often and because of this, consider changing your furnace’s air filter every 20 to 40 days.

  • House members

For the sake of your family members, you should hire our professionals for regular furnace service in Kenner, LA. Air quality is an essential factor in improving your family’s health.

How Do Dirty Filters Impact Your Furnace?

  • Heating Irregularities

A filter that is dirty and clogged will not be able to let air flow evenly throughout your house. This could result in the furnace’s heat exchanger getting too hot and shutting off. It could stop the home from being at the ideal temperature.

  • A Soaring Bill

The furnace is responsible for adequately distributing heated air through your house to keep it at the desired temperature. The excessive use of resources will appear on next month’s electric bill.

  • Air Quality is Compromised

A blocked filter cannot keep dust and particles from entering your home. The dust collected on the filter may get loose and enter the air inside your home. There is no way to improve your air quality other than changing your filter.

  • Internal Problems

A dirty air filter isn’t only an external issue. As time passes, this seemingly small problem can grow in severity and spread in the inside of your furnace. It could cause your furnace to stop functioning altogether. This could indicate damages to the heat exchanger, gas valves, and pressure switch.

  • Airflow Distribution is Not Uniform

The internal fan of the furnace is designed to push out air over the furnace’s filter. Dirty filters are not able to complete the job. It can cause certain areas of your house to be colder than the rest.

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