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How Do You Reset a Furnace? The Ultimate Guide

To turn the furnace on and off, basic fixes are sometimes required. Other times, a comprehensive check by qualified professionals is required. According to our experts for heating repair in New Orleans, LA, resetting a furnace is a straightforward procedure that can solve many problems prior to getting your heating system repaired by skilled technicians.

Resetting Your Furnace

You must follow a procedure to restart each furnace, whether it is electric, gas, or oil. You must be aware of several precautions when setting up your furnace. Follow the steps below to reset your furnace safely with a reset button:

  • Electric Furnace

Turn off the power button. If your furnace doesn’t include a power switch, immediately shut off the circuit breaker connected to the furnace. Then, open the housing for the blower and look for its reset switch. Click the reset button and press it till it clicks. Switch on the breaker to start the furnace. The furnace will begin once it has received indications from the thermostat.

  • Gas Furnace

To turn off the pilot light, set your gas controller’s setting to off mode. If your furnace comes with electric ignition, turn off the circuit breaker connected to the furnace to cut off the power source. If not, do not bother with this step. However, the main gas supply line to the furnace leaves the gas pilot’s supply line open.

Relight the pilot light and turn off the power and the main gas supply. After that, press the reset button and hold it for 30 seconds, then let it go. The furnace will restart, and you can change the thermostat’s settings.

  • Power Outage

The thermostat should be examined to see whether it is malfunctioning. In the event that the power is off, switch it on and set the thermostat to the automatic fan or heating option. If the thermostat is configured to be on, turn it off.

Examine your breakers to see if they got tripped by the interruption. Many furnaces nowadays have outlets that you might activate during a power outage. Check them out and reset them if they are. Be vigilant over the security lock.

Press the button twice when restarting your furnace to prevent activating the security lock. Contact one of our professionals for furnace service in Kenner, LA. If your furnace doesn’t turn on following a power loss, the best method of dealing with it is to reach out to an experienced technician.

  • Empty Oil Tank

According to our experts for furnace service in Kenner, LA, if you have an empty oil tank, first refill the tank and then bleed to the line for fuel. To flush your fuel lines, you have to locate the valve for bleeders located on the fuel pump.

Keep the fuel in a container that is big enough to hold it. The bleeder valve needs to be opened to allow fuel to enter the container. While you are bleeding the fuel, keep the power on. The furnace should turn on after pressing the reset button.


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