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Having AC Problems? Might Be Time For An AC Replacement

Choosing a heating and cooling system can be difficult. You may not be able to tell if a malfunctioning air conditioner requires new batteries in the thermostat or a more extensive repair unless you’re an HVAC technician.

With older air conditioners, the question of whether or not to repair or replace them is common for homeowners. Paying attention to how your older AC performs can help you plan to purchase a new one.

Look Out For These Signs of a Failing AC Unit:

Short Cycling

Maintaining an even temperature throughout the house requires that your air conditioner cycle on and off frequently. Short cycling can cause a problem in your system.

Your device may malfunction if it’s turning on and off more frequently than usual. Short cycling puts additional strain on your air conditioner, which can lead to its total failure if it isn’t taken care of soon.

Hefty Electricity Bill

Buying a new air conditioner may be necessary if you haven’t changed your energy consumption habits, but your monthly utility bill has risen significantly over the last year. Your AC may malfunction or lose efficiency if your energy bill exceeds normal.

An air conditioner’s energy consumption increases as it ages, so the two issues may be interrelated. However, if your utility bills continue to rise, you may want to consider purchasing a new air conditioner.

Constant Leakage

If your air conditioner begins to leak inside your home, turn it off immediately to prevent costly water damage. Your condensate drain line may be clogged, allowing water to seep into your home.

A rusted drain pan or broken condensate pump may be to blame if that doesn’t work. The damaged parts can be replaced or repaired by emergency AC repair in New Orleans.

Unit is Age-Old

Compared to newer models, which can last up to 20 years, older air conditioners have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. If your air conditioner is beginning to show its age, it’s time to start shopping for a replacement.

Air conditioners have a shorter life expectancy than furnaces because they are frequently exposed to extreme temperatures throughout the year.

Too Many Breakdowns

Repairing the same system can get expensive, so you may as well give up. The sooner you replace it, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Repairs not covered by a home warranty can be extremely expensive.

Maintenance By Professionals is Critical

Metairie air conditioning service should visit you yearly for a maintenance checkup after you’ve repaired your AC system. Regular maintenance extends the life of your equipment, improves its performance, and lowers your monthly energy costs.

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