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Advantages Of Regular Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Up

Regular maintenance is necessary and essential if you consider prolonging the life of your furnace while reducing energy bills and sleeping peacefully. If you are on the search for ‘furnace maintenance near me‘ consider getting in touch with Climate Tamers for the best quality service.

7 Benefits Of Tune-Ups And Furnace Maintenance

  • An Efficiency Boost

A tune-up will provide maintenance to allow your furnace to run efficiently. It’s as easy as changing or cleaning filters and making minor adjustments. Our skilled professional who is familiar with the most common problems, will examine the unit to make sure it is operating correctly.

  • A Safer Home

Even the most minor issue in a heat exchanger valve, burner, or connection could disrupt the process, resulting in severe problems like gas leaks or exposure to carbon monoxide, which could be harmful. Ensure your family’s health is protected and secure by having the furnace checked and maintained annually.

  • Reduce The Energy Bill By Up To 30%

A furnace could account for approximately 50% of your energy bills. A properly tuned furnace is more efficient and requires less energy. Indeed, some studies have found that routine maintenance can save more than 30%. Incorporate your thermostat with programmable settings, and you’ll be on the route to saving energy costs.

Filtering your furnace correctly ensures that your home is at the ideal temperature without the expense. When you do so, you can ensure that the airflow is in order and reduce the frequency of repairs when the furnace is stretched.

Searching for ‘furnace maintenance near me‘ online? Consider getting in touch with Climate Tamers for the best quality service.

  • Healthier Air

The indoor air quality can be affected due to a deteriorated furnace that isn’t properly maintained. Besides changing the filters, technicians can also clean dirt, dust and other debris out of the appliance, preventing polluted air from entering your home. It can relieve asthma, allergies, and chronic respiratory ailments. If you are in need of assistance, Climate Tamers offers the best furnace tune-up in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

  • Maintain Airflow

A few furnace issues may limit airflow. If the airflow into the furnace is restricted, it could strain the furnace and other components in your HVAC. This could lead to malfunctions of components, breakdowns and even a decrease in the lifespan of your furnace, which is why checking airflow is an essential aspect of the furnace tune-up.

  • Avoid Major Repairs

Regular maintenance is often a way to avoid significant repairs. A technician can spot minor issues that are easy to address before they cause grave problems. This can save money and help avoid the hassle of a furnace going out unexpectedly.

  • Warranty

The conditions of your furnace’s warranty probably state that the agreement is null and void if you don’t get regular maintenance. The manufacturer’s warranty is an incentive to have your furnace examined yearly. It isn’t a good idea to be in the position of having to pay for repairs which you could have avoided.

Climate Tamers offers the best furnace tune-up in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We offer everything you need in the fall and winter months, including furnace tune-ups, installation and fast furnace repairs. Call us at 504-919-0822 or drop us a mail. We are glad to be of assistance.