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4 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling And Ways To Fix It

If your AC unit stops cooling during the summer, it becomes a main issue of concern. For air conditioning systems to function effectively, they must be serviced and maintained regularly, otherwise, you will require air conditioner replacement in Metairie sooner than expected.

4 Causes Of Your AC Not Cooling And Ways To Fix It

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

A broken thermostat may impact your air conditioner’s effectiveness.

What to do?

  • Check the thermostat’s display.
  • Check the batteries in your thermostat to see if everything is okay. Check your thermostat’s operation after that.
  • Set it to 5–6 degrees below the indoor temperature. Turn off your thermostat and remove the cover to inspect its parts if nothing else is working.
  • Check for blown fuses too. You can remove the debris with a soft brush, but corrosion problems require professional assistance.

Clogged Air Filters

The filters guarantee proper airflow. If your cooling system needs to work harder; it may stop functioning over time. Additionally, dirty air filters can cause your outdoor AC unit to freeze, making your system less effective. Filters soiled or clogged up could prevent your AC from functioning correctly.

What To Do?

  • You must always use clean filters!
  • To handle the matter, you have two options: either call a professional for AC repair in Kenner or clean the filters yourself.
  • Before turning on the air conditioner after cleaning, allow the filters to dry thoroughly.

The Capacitor Is Broken

The capacitor in your air conditioner has likely perished if your HVAC unit struggles to start, shuts off suddenly, or makes clicking noises from the outdoor unit. A vital component of any HVAC system is the capacitor. It gives the motor an initial push to start operating by being linked to the motor’s circuit.

What To Do?

  • Since the capacitor contains an electrical charge and could potentially shock you, never attempt to change it yourself.
  • Never try to repair a damaged capacitor, as it can cause the motor attached to it to catch fire.
  • Call a professional for AC repair in Kenner.

The Size Of Your AC Is Wrong

Before considering AC installation in Metairie, did you discuss or consider its size with the technician? It is a frequently made mistake, but it can significantly affect how well the HVAC system performs. An inadequately sized AC will have to work harder, and eventually, it will stop functioning.

Your air conditioner will continually switch on and off quickly, causing more wear and tear. Furthermore, it won’t be able to get rid of the extra humidity because it doesn’t run long enough.

What To Do?

  • The wrong-sized AC system can drastically increase your costs.
  • Getting an air conditioner replacement in Metairie is the only option.

You may prevent any potential AC problems in the future by having a skilled HVAC professional do regular inspections. Contact Climate Tamers at 504-919-0822 or drop us an email for the correct AC installation in Metairie.